SENSORIX SATELLIX: Gas Sensors for the semiconductor industry

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Sensorix GmbH, a German manufacturer and supplier of electrochemical gas sensors, is excited to introduce the Satellix gas sensor for the detection of gases in semiconductor processes.

Sensorix Satellix features both electrochemical (EC) sensors and pellistors for LEL monitoring. Satellix gas sensors are supplied with a special socket as well as a programmed EPROM and are therefore compatible with the Satellite XT transmitter. This transmitter has been well-established in the semiconductor industry for many years.

What special is about this sensor format?

Satellix is a highly customised gas sensor. Owners of Satellite XT gas detection devices now have a ready-to-use sensor solution with class-leading stability, reliability, and high selectivity. Still, customers who do not own a Satellite XT transmitter can benefit from Sensorix’ development efforts in the following way: Most of the exotic, extraordinary gases that can be detected by the Satellix sensor can be detected by other Sensorix sensors, too, e.g., in the 4S, 7S or Classic format. Moreover, the Sensorix Smart sensor offers similar features to the Satellix sensor in a slim 16 mm diameter format. The Smart EPROM can be programmed according to customer requirements. In addition, Sensorix sensors can be manufactured in other individual mechanical adaptations on request.

What types of gases can the Satellix EC sensors detect?

The introduction of the new Sensorix Satellix format provides the global gas detection market with a competitive and very broad range of sensors that enhance safety in semiconductor manufacturing processes to support the industry. Sensorix Satellix sensors are designed to reliably detect over thirty toxic, corrosive, and combustible gases used in semiconductor processes. For instance, Sensorix offers Satellix sensors for measuring the hydride gases: AsH3, PH3, SiH4, B2H6, and SeH2, as well as for HF, HCl, HBr, Cl2, NH3, and H2, e.g., which are commonly used in semiconductor processes. Also worth mentioning are Br2, CH3F, ClF3, SF6, SO2, NF3, NO, NO2, and O2.

The complete Satellix sensor range is available for download on our website here.