Electrochemical Gas Sensor for Hydrogen Fluoride (HF)

HF 10

3-electrode sensor reliably detects the hydrogen fluoride gas and other volatile acids in semiconductor and other industries.

Class leading stability | Highly selective
Fast response | Very stable baseline

  • Measurement Range: 0-10 ppm
  • Response Time (T90): ≤ 90 s
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to +40°C*

*it tolerates short periods up to 50°C.

Our sensor formats

All sensor types are available in the following formats.


This sensor size is a widely used format, compatible with most gas detection devices.


This sensor format is mostly used in fixed gas detection devices.


This sensor size is available in two formats – Classic 4 pin and Classic 8 pin (compatible).


This Smart 8p format has a programmed EPROM.


This sensor size is the smallest format developed by Sensorix.

Other sensor formats for Hydrogen Fluoride (HF)

Sensorix Satellix for Hydrogen Fluoride

Are you looking for a sensor for your Satellite XT device?

With the Satellix sensor format, Sensorix offers a wide range of sensors to detect the hydrogen fluoride gas.

Custom sensor

Looking for an other mechanical adaptation?

Sensorix will be happy to develop a sensor format to suit your needs. If you require a customised mechanical adaptation of a sensor type for your gas detection instruments, please get in touch with us.