Sensorix Gas Sensors with EPROM

This article originally appeared on Envirotech-online.

In response to the global demand for high-quality gas sensors, Sensorix is addressing customers’ wishes and needs by offering customised solutions and mechanical adaptations for their gas detectors. We are therefore pleased to present our highly customised gas sensors with EPROM and/or temperature sensor: Sensorix Smart 8p and Sensorix Satellix. Both sensor customisations are available in Sensorix’ complete and extensive range of competitive electrochemical sensors for the international B2B gas detection market. Based on many years of experience in the field of gas sensor technology, the Sensorix team ensures consistent sensor quality “made in Germany” by Sensorix for all product lines.

About Satellix

Our new product line of Satellix gas sensors is a plug-and-play sensor solution for owners of Satellite XT transmitters, which is widely used in the semiconductor industry. Satellix sensors feature electrochemical sensors and pellistors for LEL monitoring. They contain a special socket, a programmed EPROM and a temperature sensor. Satellix sensors can be used for the detection of the hydride gases: AsH3, PH3, SiH4, B2H6, and SeH2, as well as for HF, HCl, HBr, Cl2, NH3, and H2. Also worth mentioning are Br2, CH3F, ClF3, SF6, SO2, NF3, NO, NO2, and O2.  

About Smart

Customers who do not own a Satellite XT gas detection device and require a custom sensor solution can still benefit from a comparable functionality by using the Sensorix Smart 8p sensor format. Smart sensors are sensors that contain a memory chip that provides data to the instrument. The Smart sensor offers similar features to the Satellix sensor but in a slim 16 mm diameter format. The Smart EPROM can be programmed according to customer requirements and is suitable for all gas types. The memory capacity on our standard EPROM is 128 characters. Sensor-specific data can be stored (e.g. sensitivity), but also article-specific data for setting the gas detection device (e.g. alarm levels).

In summary, data storage on the sensor EPROM offers several benefits:

  • no expensive, difficult and dangerous calibration with toxic gas is needed – customers can rely on professional calibration by Sensorix experts – the calibration results are stored on the EPROM
  • Variable settings like temperature profile, bias, alarm levels, zero cut off etc. can be stored on the sensor’s EPROM – customers do not need to update instrument firmware or hardware if something changes or if they want to change the sensor type
  • Sensorix provides customer-specific EPROM programming for OEMs to make sure only original and certified sensors with the correct set of data can be used for sensor replacement

Furthermore, Sensorix sensors can also be manufactured in other individual mechanical modifications on request – with or without EPROM.

If you have any questions about our gas sensors and need technical advice, please contact our professional team directly. We will be happy to help and provide you with all the information you need.