Electrochemical Gas Sensor for Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN)

HCN 50

3-electrode sensor for industrial safety applications.

Class leading stability | Highly selective
Fast response | Very stable baseline

  • Measurement Range: 0-50 ppm
  • Response Time (T90): ≤ 50 s
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to +40°C

Important notice! The “Sensorix HCN 30” has been characterized for 50 ppm range and renamed as “HCN 50”. 

Our sensor formats

All sensor types are available in the following formats.


This sensor size is a widely used format, compatible with most gas detection devices.


This sensor format is mostly used in fixed gas detection devices.


This sensor size is available in two formats – Classic 4 pin and Classic 8 pin (compatible).


This Smart 8p format has a programmed EPROM.


This sensor size is the smallest format developed by Sensorix.

Other sensor formats for Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN)

Sensorix Satellix for Hydrogen Cyanide

Are you looking for a sensor for your Satellite XT device?

With the Satellix sensor format, Sensorix offers a wide range of sensors to detect the hydrogen cyanide gas.

Custom sensor

Looking for an other mechanical adaptation?

Sensorix will be happy to develop a sensor format to suit your needs. If you require a customised mechanical adaptation of a sensor type for your gas detection instruments, please get in touch with us.