Upgraded portfolio of Ammonia Gas Sensors

In 2022, Sensorix has developed a new NH3 gas sensor with a 100 ppm range suited for low temperatures.

The Sensorix NH3 100 -40°C has the highest sensitivity and lowest detection limit for temperatures down to ‑40°C. If you expect concentrations up to 1000 ppm at temperatures down to -40°C, Sensorix would advise using the Sensorix NH3 1000 -40°C.

In addition, the ammonia gas sensor range includes the following gas sensor types for standard temperatures of -20°C to 40 °C:

  • Sensorix NH3 100
  • Sensorix NH3 1000
  • Sensorix NH3 500
  • Sensorix NH3 5000

Learn more about it here: Sensorix Ammonia Gas Sensors

For further information please speak to the Sensorix customer service team at sales@sensorix.com