sensoris satellix hydride sensors with ionic liquids

Satellix Hydride Long-Time Sensors With Ionic Liquids

Sensorix is launching its Long Time (LT) gas sensors with ionic liquids, the Satellix Hydride LT sensors. In this blog post, you will find key information about ionic liquids and the benefits of using them in gas sensors in contrast to an organic gel electrolyte.

Sensors with a gel electrolyte

Until now, Sensorix could only offer Satellix hydride sensors with an organic gel electrolyte. These sensors are perfectly suited to selectively detect low concentrations of hydrides with a fast T90. However, their electrolyte contains a high-boiling organic solvent that evaporates very slowly and irreversibly from the sensor.

In most environments, the gel sensors will reach 18 months of operating life as stated in the datasheet. However, evaporation accelerates with increasing temperatures and wind speed. There are environments where organic gel hydrides may not reach their full life. This may be the case if the sensors are installed in ducts or exhausts which are widely used in the semiconductor industry.

sensoris satellix hydride sensors with ionic liquids

“Especially for such applications, sensors with ionic liquids as electrolytes are the perfect solution, as the organic ionic liquid does not evaporate”, explained Andreas König, the General Manager of Sensorix GmbH.

Sensors with Ionic Liquids

An ionic liquid (IL) is an organic salt that is in its liquid state within a wide range of temperatures, at or below room temperature. Due to their very low vapour pressure and high thermostability, ionic liquids are suitable for use as electrolytes in gas sensors such as Satellix.

At Sensorix, you can currently find the following long-time stable Satellix hydride sensors:

Gas sensorGel Electrolyte LT Electrolyte
Satellite XT Part NumberSatellite XT Part Number
Arsine (AsH3) 0.03-1.00 ppm9602-60019602-6004
Diborane (B2H6) 0.05-1.00 ppm9602-62009602-6202
Germane (GeH4) 0.1-5.0 ppm9602-69009602-6902
Hydrogen Selenide (SeH2) 0.05 – 5.00 ppm9602-56009602-5601
Phosphine (PH3) 0.05 – 1.00 ppm9602-61019602-6102
Silane (SiH4) 1.0 – 50.0 ppm9602-63009602-6301
The range of Sensorix Satellix hydride gas sensors with ionic liquids.

While having practically the same performance level as gel sensors in terms of baseline, detection limit, T90, and selectivity, the sensor’s lifetime, even under harsh environmental conditions, is much longer and will always reach the 18 months stated in the datasheet.

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