Do you need to detect low concentrations of Silane?

This article originally appeared on Envirotech-online.

What if your gas detection system needs to detect low concentrations of silane gas (SiH4) from 0 to 2 parts per million (ppm), and the sensor you order from Sensorix is rated for 0-50 ppm?

If your gas detector needs to detect low concentrations, it is important to ensure that it is fitted with a high-precision sensor. In most cases, the standard Sensorix SiH4 50 sensor is sufficient for silane gas detection. However, in some countries and industries, safety standards require sensors to detect even the lowest silane concentrations, from 0 to 2 parts per million (ppm). To meet these requirements, the Sensorix SiH4 2 sensor type has been specifically developed to detect low levels of SiH4 accurately and reliably.

It is a 3-electrode sensor designed for use in industrial safety applications as well as in the semiconductor industry. Compared to the Sensorix SiH4 50, the Sensorix SiH4 2 has a lower measuring range and higher sensitivity:

· Measuring range: 0 – 2 ppm
· Sensitivity: 800 ± 400 nA/ppm
· Response time (T90): ≤ 60 s at 2 min gas exposure

Sensorix is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of custom gas sensors. Their team of experts understands the complexities of customer-specific sensor design and they adapt their sensors to specific environments and applications. Talk to the experts at Sensorix if you need an individual gas detection solution.